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Opal Data is a Tennessee based company providing software and services with a focus on sports data management and visualization. This site provides information about our products and services as well as support and technical resources for our clients.

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Existing Clients.

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Take a peek at what we've done for some of our existing customers?.

Ahlstland Sports Inc came to us in need of a data model that was a challenge to put into words. We helped them get a clearer understanding of their needs and create a powerful, flexible solution. Focused on funny team names across an "unlimited collections of sports" (their words) their project involved providing a database design and a custom, flexible content management system with a focus on maximum perforance and search capability.

SignAndTrade.com is fantasy sports tools provider that needed us to help them store everything from stats to player pictures for a variety of sports. We also set up automated jobs that enable powerful analytics tools like configurable, real time fantasy basketball rankings. They regularly put us to the test by coming up with new tools that necessitate ever expanding data requirements.


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  • Data Visualization
  • Database Design / Modeling
  • Prediction / Forecasting