Opal Data - Data Should be Beautiful


Why Are We Here?

We're here to help our customers capture and message their data into something that is both beautiful and useful. Our custom tools and 15 years of experience make us the perfect partner in data acquisition, management, mining, and presentation.

Anything Else Neat About Us?

Opal Data today is not the same as the Opal Data of the past. But the Opal Data of the past did some pretty neat stuff that we've attempted to keep alive as a little bit of a nod to those before us. One favorite bit of I intentionally set out to save in it's originally format, directory, file and font is the always treacherous end of the internet. There are lots of other pretenders, but it's quite possible that this is the first one. Not only that, but it's got two things going for it. It truly acts like the end in that you must "turned around" to go back. The other is that there is truth to it in terms of the hardware and geographical situation. I'm honored to have the opportunity to host and to make available to you the end of the internet.